"I'm Original"

lyrics and performed by

Auburn Road

A huge THANK YOU to Auburn Road (artists whose style is usually Pop-Country!), Gerald "GeeGee" Harbor (producer), & Conversion Entertainment (Michael Anderson) for creating "I'm Original" for #ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance!®

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"I'm Original" Lyrics:


Beauty is a game of tag, can't you see

Always trying to pin a target that's out of reach
Then once you get it it moves, a new game begins
Reset, start the game again

Perfection, constant misdirection
No, it's not the real you.  Go on now just let it show
They can't control ya.  No, they can't speak for ya
It's your voice - I wanna hear to you say!


I'm original and I believe it

There's nothing you can say, that's gonna bring me down
Cause this is my time to stand in the spotlight

I'm gonna go all out because I'm ready

Let's shake it up - Take it up - And set me free

I'm much more than what you see - I just wanna be me
Let's shake it up - Take it up - Accepting me

I'm gonna go all out - Get set I'm ready!


There's so much that the world wants you to believe
Fake smiles, fake abs 
in the magazines

Can’t tell what’s real, and what's photoshopped

Makes me dizzy.  Wish it all would just stop
What ever happened to loving who you are?
All this negativity will never get you far

It's time to break out of the cycle that we're in.  
It's your choice - I want to hear you say!




Ladies and gentlemen, fine people of the world
I came to remind you that you are kings and queens
Not by bloodline or privilege but by the power of the universe
Look the world in the eye and say - "I'm original"


#ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance!®

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