Our 2015 #ShakeIt recognized National Eating Disorders Awareness Week in Santa Monica! 

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#ShakeIt on Health Smart, KTLA News

The above video focuses on eating disorders education & introduces #ShakeIt

Early intervention can start with a conversation, so let's get people talking!

Watch the #ShakeIt highlight reel from February 28th, Santa Monica, 2015

('I'm Original" performed by Auburn Road & anthem for #ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance!®)

Watch inspiring speeches on self-acceptance! (See below)

"You cannot measure your value and self-worth on a bathroom scale!" 

"Take the energy you put towards your eating disorder or your self-hatred of yourself, and put it towards getting better and accepting yourself." 

"Instead of going into the fat spiral, I went into the power spiral." 

"I want everyone to hear that you're enough." 

"Eating disorders are treatable illnesses. So there is hope."


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"Inspiring presenters." -June Caldwell


"Beautifully articulated message." -Steve Monroe


"What a wonderful event!...truly made a difference." -Joyce Smith


"What an amazing feeling to dance with you all for this important cause." -Adi Diamant

"Flash mob was fantastic! So much fun!" -*Shannon Hershkowitz, Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders


 "So happy to have been a part of this event!" -*Monte Nido & Affiliates 


"So much fun today. Such a great gathering of the community in the spirit of self acceptance." -*Robyn Caruso, A New Journey


 "I was thrilled to participate in this event celebrating the joy of individuality and promoting acceptance of self and others. What a wonderful, inspirational experience." -*Win the Diet War with Dr. Nina

"How refreshing it is to see find/participate in a positive event like this! This is an opprtunity to collectively 'shake it up' and accept that we don't have to conform to just one ideal of beauty/way of thinking/status quo." -Sarah St. Clair


"I had the most fun and fulfilling time doing this flash mob." -Wil-son Williams, LADanceFit


"Such a beautiful and meaningful event." -Shelby Farrell

#ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance!®

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