2017 Highlights from #ShakeIt at LA Sparks Halftime, July 13, 2017

This was an amazing platform to both embody the message and start conversations about self-acceptance. Thank you to the LA Sparks for allowing #ShakeIt on your court!

DISCLAIMER: Event sponsors of #ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance! 2017 included Win the Diet War with Dr. Nina, Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders, Reasons Eating Disorder Center, Center for Discovery, Monte Nido & Affiliates, and Remuda Ranch at the Meadows. ALL OTHER TRADEMARKS, SERVICE MARKS, COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS, LOGOS, AND COMPANY NAMES THAT APPEAR IN THIS VIDEO ARE THE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS AND DO NOT IMPLY ANY SORT OF AFFILIATION, ENDORSEMENT, OR SPONSORSHIP. 

Highlight Reel - LA Sparks Halftime

#ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance! Day in the City of Los Angeles

"The Event" (video below) 

"The Message" (video below)

"The Anticipation" (video below) 


Use THIS LINK for a cool Instagram video created by the LA Sparks!

"I'm Original," whole dance... (video below)

The "Before"

Exciting News for 2017 and about #ShakeIt

WHEREAS, the mission of #ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance! is to increase public awareness and empathy about eating and body issues, to support positive conversation around weight, body, and eating topics while offering the public hope and help, and to collectively experience self-acceptance through dance and positivity; and

WHEREAS, #ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance! on July 13, 2017, will embrace the topics of body, soul, and self-acceptance at a Los Angeles Sparks Halftime show through a halftime dance, "I'm Original," and offer resources adressing mental health along with food and body issues; and

WHEREAS, #ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance Elicited public awareness about the 2016 Mental Health Awareness Month through empowering speeches, resources, and a flash mob; and 

WHEREAS, #ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance! Brought public attention to the 2015 National Eating Disorder Awareness Week through inspiring speeches, education, and a flash mob; and

WHEREAS, the City of Los Angeles is dedicated to encouraging the acceptance of persons of all shapes and sizes; and

WHEREAS, July 13, 2017 the citizens of Los Angeles take a united step forward in accepting one another as we are; and accept our bodies for what they do for us; and embrace that we are more than how we look or what we do. We accept that though we are all works in progress, we are each unique and enough:

NOW THEREFORE, I, ERIC GARCETTI,  as Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, do hereby recognize July 13, 2017 as #SHAKEIT FOR SELF-ACCEPTANCE! Day in the City of Los Angeles and call upon the citizens of Los Angeles to spend this day in self-acceptance in lieu of self-criticism.

#ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance!®

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