Our 2016 #ShakeIt kicked off Mental Health Awareness Month in Santa Monica! 

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Watch the #ShakeIt Event Highlight Reel from April 30th, Santa Monica, 2016

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Watch inspiring speeches on self-acceptance! (See below)

"Cookies don't actually get rid of feelings." 

"I invite each of you to have a love affair with yourselves. The honest, vulnerable, real version of yourself."

"I’m always to profoundly moved on the power of our thoughts and how it shapes our self-acceptance."

"The world does not need us to be perfect."

“The greatest thing I’ve learned is that I’m not beautiful like you; I’m beautiful like me."

"That’s a metaphor for how we see ourselves in our self-critical way."


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Photo by Lori Di Costanzo

"PowerFULL and so much fun! #ShakeIt" - *Lynne Biehl, Rosewood Santa Monica


"I loved being part of this fun and empowering event that celebrates embracing who we are and loving our bodies for what they can do. I feel grateful that I can share this message with my clients, many who have been at war with their bodies for years and are working towards self-acceptance. #ShakeIt #ShakeItforselfacceptance" - Alex Kinder Shimer


"It's a joy and a blessing for this movement to be part of our community. A collective reminder of being enough with a spirit of positivity can AND DOES make such a difference. Thank you and continue to #ShakeIt" - Sarah St. Clair

Photo by Lori Di Costanzo

"Had an amazing day accepting myself with so many other beautiful people! It was defnitely a feel good event for the mind, body, and spirit. We shook it up! #shakeit  #flashmobstyle  #shakeitforselfacceptance" - Valerie Chevaughn Fruge


​"The messages given by the speakers made a great impact on me. Being with a group of positive people with positive energy can lift us up and forget the worries of the day. I will always remember this day." - Malou Zerrudo


"#ShakeIt I am enough! I am human! I am perfectly imperfect! Flashmob for self-acceptance was empowering and full of Light!" - Julie Schatz

Photo by Lori Di Costanzo

"The flash mob rocked!  Dancing was just one part of a day marked by joy, fun, information, and inspiration.  It was an outstanding experience to be part of a community of people dedicated to self-acceptance!" - *Dr. Nina Savelle Rocklin, Win the Diet War with Dr. Nina


"This weekend I had the opportunity to be a part of such a powerful, forward thinking, inspirational movement called #ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance! ... Created to bring awareness to all on self acceptance, acceptance and no body shaming!!! ... I was there for my nieces and nephews and all the 'little ones' out there and their future!!! ... I want them to grow up as the individuals that they are and with the confidence that they ARE ENOUGH!!! ... And to my sister, sharing this with you just bonded our love and friendship even more!" - Jennifer Detisch Ortiz


"It ended fast but lives in the mind, in the feel of the body and in our soul.....And the message is out there!!!! You [#ShakeIt] gave us an amazing way to use our voices by dancing it, singing it and by shaking it up. That is forever!!!!" - *AdiGaia Diamant, Rosewood Santa Monica 


"Beautiful day and beautiful message to the world!" - Ameerah Dean


"#ShakeIt's life-changing.  It's changed my life." - *Shannon Hershkowitz, Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders

#ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance!®

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