Shelter at home is now #ShakeIt at Home!


Celebrate your originality and diversity TOGETHER!

Saturday, May 16, 2020 at 2pm PDT

During this virtual flash mob, we will screen-share the verion with Alli's back to the camera (26:00) as if in a flash mob. That way, we all can follow along while we Zoom-Mob! 


Day of:

  • wake up and remind yourself, "I am more than enough"
  • wear RED (any #ShakeIt shirts are encouraged if you have one)
  • write #ShakeIt and your state on a piece of paper
  • set your phone or computer camera up horizontal
  • log into our Zoom-Mob 

Looking forward to our chance to #SHAKEIT FOR SELF-ACCEPTANCE! together! (Yes, of course mistakes are still/always WELCOME!) 


Together, we dance for self-acceptance, community, and joy! 

"I'm Original" Dance Tutorial

Review hints:

  • The tutor is a mirror of you. If she steps left, you step left.
  • Once you know SECTION THREE, you know about HALF THE DANCE! Start there! (Go to 09:55)
  • Most people find the dance at 26:00 most helpful to practice with. (We didn't know that yet when we made the video. Oopsie.)
  • Anthem's lyrics often remind you of the dance steps.  "I'm Original" single can be downloaded HERE and lyrics can be found here. (You'll see at rehearsals!)
    • ​Past participants have commented on how much the lyrics help them remember the steps.

*Video practice and virtual flash mob dance AT YOUR OWN RISK. Your participation is 100% VOLUNTARY. Age 18 and older or minor with legal guardian.


Order with Timecodes:

  • 00:04     Whole dance mirrored (So if the tutor moves to your right, then so do you--just like she's a mirror of you)
  • 03:36     Section break downs (in chunks of 8-counts with whole section runthroughs after each section has been shown--also mirrored)
  • 26:00     Whole dance as if in flash mob


Huge huge thank you to Auburn Road, the country group who is doing amazing work in the recording world, for writing and performing "I'm Original," the anthem for #ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance!

That dang arm section

Here's a video from a past #ShakeIt. The arms are super fun--eventually. And please don't fret if your arms get confused. Just keep moving! THIS IS NOT ABOUT PERFECTION--it's about self-acceptance, community, and joy. 


Helps to say it:

"Jeannie" means I Dream of Jeannie granting-wish pose.

"Hit" means your knuckles touch or "hit" each other in front of your nose.


"Down, down, cross, open.

Jeannie. Hit. Jeannie. Hit.

Jeannie. Out. Bounce. Bounce.

Up. Down. Speak."

For accommodations requests and any questions you might have,

please connect directly with your organizer.

#ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance!®

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