Picture of people on court dancing. Wanna dance on court at the Clippers?
Picture of people on court dancing. Wanna dance on court at the Clippers?


For Self-Acceptance, Community, & Joy!

To celebrate your originality and diversity!

When: Saturday, March 14, 2020

Where: Staples Center

What: Group dance. We'll take court right before the game.

How to join: See "4 Simple Steps to Participate!"

Please scan this whole page before you commit--so you can have an awesome experience!


The video below is the dance and shows the activity level for your consideration.

  • Clippers game day: QUICKLY get onto the court, dance a bit over 3 minutes and exit; and rehearsals, 90 minutes.
  • You do NOT have to be a "dancer" to do this. 
  • All shapes, sizes, and levels of dance experience are welcome!

4 Simple Steps to Participate

1.  Register for one "live" rehearsal with #ShakeIt through Eventbrite link--details & link below (e.g., date options and copy of waiver)

2.  Buy game ticket(s) through Clippers link--details & link below--MUST USE THAT LINK

3.  Attend your rehearsal. It's fun!

4.  Show up, open to the experience on game day! It'll be a blast!


Act now! Spaces are limited! 

Purchase your non-refundable game tickets AND register EARLY to assure your participation. 


Age restrictions:

  • Adults (18+ years of age), yes!
  • Special Opportunity! Minors (9-17) can participate/dance WITH parent/legal guardian on the court and at rehearsals. Unattended minors are not allowed. Supervision of any minors is the responsibility of the parent/guardian 100% of the time. 

1. Register for one "live" rehearsal

To registerClick here for #ShakeIt on Eventbrite


You'll be asked to:

  • Tell us your preferred shirt size (adult, unisex Small to XXXL). See shirt design to the right
  • Choose your rehearsal
    • You are welcome to attend more after your first, but one is required to participate on court.


Rehearsal date and location options: 

  • Sunday, 2/23/20, 2-3:30pm, Sherman Oaks (close to 405/101) 
    • Blanks Studios, 15030 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 19, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 (Parking: Street--meters free on Sunday--and lot. Check signs! *At your own risk.) 
  • OR Saturday, 2/29/20, 9:30-11am, NoHo
    • Madilyn Clark, 10852 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601 (Parking: Street and lot, if available. First couple of businesses adjacent to Madilyn Clark--same side of the street--are closed on the weekends. If in question, ask at front desk. *At your own risk.)
  • ​OR Monday, 3/2/20, 7-8:30pm, NoHo
    • Madilyn Clark, 10852 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601 (Parking: Street and lot, if available. First couple of businesses adjacent to Madilyn Clark--same side of the street--are closed on the weekends. If in question, ask at front desk. *At your own risk.)
  • ​OR Saturday, 3/7/20, 2-3:30pm, West LA
    • LA Dancefit, 10936 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025 (Parking: Meters on street, lot behind studio, close residential areas. *At your own risk.)


Your registration information will be used for #ShakeIt to communicate with you during this event's process and on occasion about future opportunities. Eventbrite has it's own privacy policies.

2. Buy game ticket(s)

To purchase game tickets (starting at $32 & non-refundable): Click here for Clippers.com/ShakeIt  CODE: shakeit

  • Purchase your tix ASAP! The least expensive seats reserved for #ShakeIt participants, friends, and family will go FAST. After that? This team is in demand!
  • To sit together to watch the game, purchase tickets for your friends and family with yours.

    • Seating chart: When dancing, we will face towards section110/111.
    • We were not able to get a big section together, but the seats that appear on the #ShakeIt Clippers seating chart are currently reserved for participants, friends, and family.

More info:

  • Clippers are separate from #ShakeIt. If you have questions about how your information will be used in the future, please ask our representative, Luke Felton.
  • If you require seating accommodations, please email Luke Felton.

3. Attend your rehearsal

These are super fun (and help you to know what you're doing on the "day of")! 



  • Hydrate/bring water.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes (e.g., tennies) and clothing you can move/dance in!
  • No gum chewing while dancing (it would be awful if anyone choked).
  • Stretch out or warm up before movement.
  • Pace yourselves, take breaks, let this be a joy for you!


Want Videos to practice the "I'm Original" dance? Click here

  • Feel free to alter steps for your comfort, limitations, or ability. If you need ideas for how, just ask Alli!


  • You'll need to agree to/sign the below waiver at the start of rehearsals.
  • Please review or have a lawyer review the waiver/release so you are fully informed about what you are agreeing to. We'll have a copy for your to sign before rehearsals (one per person, minor or adult). Releases affect your legal rights.
This Release/Waiver of Liability and Terms of Agreement also includes a PHOTO IMAGE RELEASE. You may be filmed/recorded during any part of this activity.
2020 ShakeItforSelfAcceptanceActivityRel[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [487.7 KB]

3. Show up

Schedule for Saturday, March 14, 2020:

  • Wake up & remind yourself, "I am more than enough! I'm gonna be open to this whole super special experience today..."
  • 5:15pm, check-in with #ShakeIt at the Staples Center 11st Street Entrance (corner of Chick Hearn Court and Georgia Street - Click here for Google Map directions). 
    • Dance participants receive #ShakeIt commemorative T-shirt.
    • Please get there EARLY/on time; we have limited time to distribute shirts and practice outside Staples Center. 
  • 5:30-6:15pm (approx), form entrance lines & run dance together outside of Staples Center.
    • 6:00pm, doors open to the public.
  • 6:15pm (approx), present your Clippers digital ticket for entry. Note: this is NOT your #ShakeIt Eventbrite registration.
  • 6:25pm (approx), inside at 11th St. Entrance, line up in our lines to descend into tunnels as a group. Location outside section 110/where we entered from 11th Street.
  • 7:00pm (approx.), we'll hit the floor and #ShakeIt!
  • 7:05pm (approx.), Once we exit the tunnels, you are on your own!
    • Thank you, in advance, for sharing you! Hope you enjoy your friends, family, and the Clippers NBA game.
  • 7:30pm, Game starts.

Stuff you want to know:

  • Wardrobe for those dancing: 
    • #ShakeIt T-shirt and any color knee-length or longer pants OK (e.g., blue jeans, yoga pants) as long as they cover and you can move in them. Be you. Be comfortable. 
      • ​Feel free to YOU-niquely shred shirts (leaving logos intact, please!)
    • Rubber sole, non-marking shoes ONLY (e.g., tennis shoes). Or you may not be allowed on court. 
      • Court access is subject to Staples/Clippers approval!
    • No identifiable logos or messages on clothes/accessories, or you may need to turn them inside out. (If you can recognize the logo or word from across a regular sized room, it could be too big to be filmed.)
  • Valuables, go light! 
    • I use these opportunities to bring fanny packs back in style!. We will likely leave our belongings in the backstage tunnels. No one actively supervises our things and no lockers are provided. Keep it simple. Leave the precious stuff at home; bring only what you need.
  • Staples Center parking & public transportation. 
  • Questions about the Staples Center?

Agreements (aka "rules")

To participate, you agree:

  1. To check in at rehearsals and event.
  2. To take care not to cause injury to self or others. 
  3. To conduct yourself with due regard to public conventions, morals and laws (e.g., keep the free-style sections "family friendly").
  4. To stretch out and warm up before we #ShakeIt! 
  5. To be responsible for yourselfyour safety, and your conduct (and your minor's) at all times.
  6. That your participation is completely your choice, at will, and no compensation will be provided to you.
  7. That your image, voice, likeness will be documented in photos and on film, which may be used in future marketing of related happenings.
  8. That event is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  9. That parking is at your own risk.
  10. That you are in good health and able to participate in this event.  If you have a pre-existing medical condition that may be aggravated by dancing or attending this event, it is your responsibility to attain your doctor's approval before taking part in this event.

​​As usual, "See something, say something"

Have Questions?

Email, Alli, your Organizer


For accommodation questions and requests:

ShakeIt: Please contact Alli, via ShakeItforSelfAcceptance@gmail.com, at least 2 weeks prior to your first rehearsal.

Clippers: For ticket/seating accommodations, please contact Luke Felton.


Interact with dance participants, ask questions, and invite your friends to join on our FB Event Page:

Facebook Event Page - CLICK HERE

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