Picture of people on court dancing. Wanna dance on court at the Clippers?
Picture of people on court dancing. Wanna dance on court at the Clippers?

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#ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance!®

#ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance!®

  • Sparks important conversations about body, soul, and self-acceptance
  • Brings people together to celebrate all of our diversity and originality
  • Educates through fun and inspiration
  • Is about community, joy, and dance!


Self-acceptance affects our quality of life, mental health, relationships, and just about every aspect of life. Conversations about it can help a person to check in with their level of self-acceptance--which can then create paths to either more self-compassion or healing what's in the way of more inner contentment. 


These webpages contain heartfelt speeches, joy-filled memories, inspiring messages, and the signature (usually flash mob style!) dance to our anthem, "I'm Original," by Auburn Road. 


In addition to our #ShakeIt rallies and events, #ShakeIt has had the honor of complimenting various meaningful events and the accompanying messages. Let us know if you have a cause coming up that a #ShakeIt flash mob might support!


This grassroots movement could not occur without each person who has participated, given their time and energy, sponsored, supported, and believed in this movement. Each person is appreciated.


We hope that you enjoy the following pages, feel inspired, and get talking about self-acceptance.

View a quick clip of the #ShakeIt flash mob

("I'm Original," #ShakeIt's anthem by Auburn Road)

Any trademarks, servicemarks, copyrighted materials, logos, and company names that appear in this video are the property of their respective owners and do not imply any sort of affiliation, endorsement, or sponsorship unless specifically indicated. Video documents the activities of this advocacy/educational movement.

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2017, 2016, 2015, & #ShakeIt Events


Watch motivating speeches on self-acceptance 

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  • "Beautiful message to the world!" - Ameerah Dean
  • "Dancing was just one part of a day marked by joy, fun, information, and inspiration." - Dr. Nina Savelle Rocklin
  • "I loved being part of this fun and empowering event that celebrates embracing who we are and loving our bodies for what they can do." - Alex Kinder Shimer
  • "#ShakeIt's life-changing.  It's changed my life." - Shannon Hershkowitz

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#ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance!®

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