This inaugural event occurred on February 28th, 2015.

Sponsors & Thanks


Special thanks for the generosity &

fabulous dance rehearsal spaces!

The Dance Doctorx, John Casesse

(Santa Monica)


INDEPENDENCE Dance Company, Amy Hutchings 

(North Hollywood)


Check out their dance opportunities!



Special thanks to LA DANCEFIT

for their support of this cause and event!

Wil-son Williams & Diana Geiger


Shake It Up-Accept Yourself! Directors

Robyn Caruso, LMFT #80168

Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin, Psychoanalyst and LMFT #43526

Alli Spotts-De Lazzer, LMFT #49842, LPCC #844, CEDS #3601 (Creator & Event Planner)



Special thanks to the following!

Their ongoing dedication and expertise

helped make this possible!

Michael Anderson, Conversion Entertainment

Donna Capelouto

Robyn Caruso, LMFT #80168

Lori Di Costanzo, LoriPhotographs

Grace Medina

Ken Newelt, LMFT, #41098

Tammie Richards, Producer, Pearson|Richards Events and Marketing

Rachael Rose-Stern, MSW 

Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin, Psychoanalyst and LMFT #43526



Thank you to the following for sharing

professional services and/or wisdom!

Auburn Road

Blanks Studios 

Ruth Busenkell 

June Caldwell

Angela Carrillo

Ruth Carter, Carter Law Firm

Jed Davis

Patty Everett

Nick Gentile Events & Weddings

Fred Godlash, FG Communications

Melissa Godlash

Ingrid Graham

Evan Greenspan, EMG 

JetBlackChain Print & Apparel

Gerald "GeeGee" Harbor, Producer

Peter Iselin, Solo Management

LA DANCEFIT STUDIO, Wil-son Williams & Diana Geiger

Staci Lawrence, Flash Mob America

NEDA Staff

Russell Nickerson, Producer, Camera Operator, Editor

Michelle Otelsberg, LMFT #48857, AnxietyTherapyLA

Our Shake It Up! Video Dancers

Shawnee Rioles, Licensed Zumba® Jammer

Benjamin B. Shaw, Esq., ARC Law Group

Maxie Solters

A Vast Wasteland. (Photography & Videography)

Laurel Wright


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