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#ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance!®

A movement that sparks important conversations

about body-, soul-, and self-acceptance,  

inspiring and educating through flash mob fun!  

A peek at #ShakeIt!

("I'm Original," #ShakeIt's anthem by Auburn Road)

Through #Shakeit, people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds have an opportunity to experience and embrace who they are. Whether dancing or supporting, we unite. And spread joy...


In a society where there are so many messages about what's wrong, it's empowering to focus instead on: "I am-- you are-- we are more than enough."


Since the following words can be packed with connotations, let's clarify what we mean by "body and soul." #ShakeIt views the body as the suitcase where the soul--the essence of who you are, your values, your inner qualities, the unique ingredient list that makes up YOU--lives. 


#ShakeIt can mean many things. Shake things up and out, meaning, change that moves toward greater self-acceptance.  Together, we #ShakeIt! (and yes, we do shake our bodies when we dance!) to empower body-, soul-, and self-acceptance!


#ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance! is a grassroots movement and could not occur without the hearts of each person who has participated, volunteered, sponsored, supported, and/or believed in this movement. Each of us is why any #ShakeIt event can actually happen. This is a movement with movement with a message! 


  • "Beautiful message to the world!" - Ameerah Dean
  • "Dancing was just one part of a day marked by joy, fun, information, and inspiration." - Dr. Nina Savelle Rocklin
  • "I loved being part of this fun and empowering event that celebrates embracing who we are and loving our bodies for what they can do." - Alex Kinder Shimer
  • "#ShakeIt's life-changing.  It's changed my life." - Shannon Hershkowitz

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